PT. Kuantum Marina Global


We PT. Kuantum Marina Global is a crew manning agency provide and supply our principal with well-experienced and highly qualified Hospitality staff for Ocean Cruise Ship, River Cruise, Yacht, Ro/Pax and floating Hotel as well as marine personnel from senior officer to rating position for Offshore Fleet, Container Carriers, Bulk Carriers, Cargo, and Tanker ship.

The accumulated experiences for over 20 years in crew manning business, led us to the establishment of “PT. Kuantum Marina Global” in 2011 which was inspired and willingly supported by our Principals and Clients with whom our crewing company have successful, fruitful and long-lasting co-operation.


To provide a level of service to both our clients and employees that is superior to anything on offer in the Hospitality Industry, Merchant Marine Ship and Offshore Oil Gas Industry, making PT. Kuantum Marina Global become the Marine Services provider of choice, recognised for high performance and commitment to safe operations without adverse effect to personnel or the environment.


Expand our business, engage our workforce, adhere to safety, environmental and quality standards, excel operationally, manage costs effectively and continuously improve our processes.


The following standards of conduct define our relationships with each other, our employer and those with whom we deal at work and within the community;

  • Uphold Integrity by acting ethically, with honesty and integrity, without compromising the truth.
  • Maintain Respect by treating our team members, customers, suppliers, partners and clients with mutual respect and sensitivity, recognising the uniqueness of each individual and valuing the diversity and talent each person contributes to our successful growth.
  • Protect Our Workforce by placing the highest value on the health and safety of ourselves and our workforce, through the provision of robust recruitment process, comprehensive training and competence assessment through the employment lifecycle.
  • Act Responsibly by doing what we are supposed to do, planning ahead, always doing our best, using self-control, being self-disciplined, thinking before we act and considering the consequences, being accountable for our words, actions and attitudes, setting a good example for others and making each day count.
  • Quality by being committed to excellence in everything we do, striving to continually improve and exceeding our expectations through innovative ideas and fit for purpose solutions using our experience, technology and perseverance.
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